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» What a Girl Wants from ProfessorBainbridge.com
Scheherazade has a great post on what she wanted in a law professor. I'm not sure I would meet more than about half of her criteria, but on the basis of those criteria I know she's what I want in [Read More]

» http://tonguebutnodoor.net/monica/archives/000975.html from buzzwords
you know, i really should either do my reading, write you a post about the conference, or do some laundry. instead, i'm going to post some more law-related links. because no matter how uninteresting they are to you, they're... [Read More]

» Two Views of 'What I Want in a Law Professor' from Discourse.net
At Stay of Execution, Scheherazade (what a great alias!) writes about What I Want in a Law Professor, prompting Jeremy Blachman to post his list. I hope this starts a trend: it’s healthy for students to think about this sort of thing, and healthy... [Read More]



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