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Knowing your on-line persona, I know you won't take this strong dissent from your opinion personally. But just to be sure: please don't! Your opinion is valuable, even though I (and others) don't agree with it.

But here's another counter-point. You say: "There are a lot of chumps out there practicing law. If they can do it, you can do it." I agree with that. But as I know from my own personal experience (friends, classmates, occasional senior lawyers who fess up), there are also a lot of non-chumps out there who failed the bar. Brightness and intelligence have little to do with passing the bar. If you are smart enough to get a law degree, yes, you are also smart enough to pass the bar. But that doesn't mean you WILL pass the bar on your 1st try.

Bryan Sims

I could not disagree with your comments more. Law school is not designed to teach you how to take the bar exam. The purpose of law school is for another day, of course.

A bar review course, however, has one purpose. To teach you how to take an exam that you must pass. Taking the bar exam has as much to do with the ability to take the exam as it does with knowledge of the subject matter. I see nothing wrong with paying someone to teach you how to take an exam that you must pass. In fact, I think that it makes perfect sense.

I truly believe that you can take a reasonably intelligent person who is familiar with the "language" that lawyers use (those words we use that no one else does) and send the person to a bar review course. If the person is skilled at taking tests and studies properly, I beleive that the person would likely pass the bar exam. That does not mean that he can practice law, but he can pass the bar.

One thing people get caught up on is the connection between passing the bar and pracicing law. Just because you can do one, that does not mean that you can do another. The bar exam tests whether you can retain large amounts of knowledge and properly recall it in a limited period of time. It does not test whether you can actually practice law.

Sorry this is rambling. I just had to get some thoughts out.

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