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I'm relieved: I almost spelled it "halliards" but switched at the last minute.

Thanks for refreshing my memory...


Just a slight (belated) digression. In my understanding, a rope is a rope until it's put to use or assigned a role--that's when it becomes a line. Some sailors don't consider it a rope once it's cut from the reel; others don't consider it a line until it is on a vessel. In other words, we can't really agree on this but as Sche sez, call it a line and you won't get any arguments. :-)

Rod McGuire

Thank you for posting so many pictures of Maine. I have not been there in years, and my last trip I was there with a friend I had now not seen in years. It is also nice to see the sailing boats on beautiful water, not like the Ohio River that I am stuck with for now in my life with my Lancer on confined water...
Thank you once again

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Oh I do hope to visit some day! What a great place to work!

Todd Smith

Im 55 and just bought a sailboat and would like to learn sailing.I am willing to crew and live in Mass.I am refitting and can do rigging,boat repairs of all kinds except diesel and electronics.I have the bug bad and will not stop until I can singlehand and navigate without any electronics.I am currently making tillers bulkheads and cabinets.I finish the 1088 Hydrotek Merranti in 2 coats of the best epoxy resin(Rot Dr.L&L)and laminate with the same.Just checking the waters?

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