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Have you ever had anyone get mad at being mentioned in your blog, even anonymously?


Did you breath during that post?

The movie "what the bleep do we know" Speakes to this posting.

You are making your own reality


Following the ethos of Cognitive Therapy, ie., when you've figured out what you're thinking, you need to apply something sensible to the material, I have opened a therapy blog myself.
(Click on my name, "Cogno"). It is part self-analysis, part me figuring out what cognitive therapy is... Check it out...


What a great post! I also find blogging to be really therapeutic. It helps me to focus and understand myself, and since its written down, I can look back on how I have changed. I love it so much and I get so much acceptance from fellow bloggers. Its too bad that having people know your true identity makes you censor your writing (thats why I kept my identity secret). Have a good day :)
P.S. I found this post by googling blog therapy

Finally Slag Free

I have found that writing a blog for someone else to read allows me to see more humor in situations that may normally frustrate and depress me...
I have been blogging since I filed for divorce.. and like you mentioned.. my blog reflects my attitude change about many things...
Have a great day


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