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Can I quibble with your quibbles? You've got three. ;-)

The first one, how your browser can only "see" one account at a time, is probably a cookie issue; since HTTP is a "stateless" protocol (it doesn't maintain data about an ongoing string of clicks between requests to the server) Gmail is faking it using a cookie. Since browsers maintain cookies on a per-site basis, not a per-browser-window basis (or per-tab basis), FF is only capable of managing one "connection" (one cookie) at a time. If Gmail managed a way to share the one site cookie between two windows (possible, I think, but an interesting challenge) or used a different method of simulating a session, that would solve the problem.


As to your second gmail request, Gmail now has the ability to save drafts. This should solve your problem, no?


I'm boggled that it doesn't seem to handle html, unless I'm doing something very wrong.


And also, no rich text formatting.

SF Librarian

I also worry about whether I've inadvertently sent a snarky forwarded message to the original recipient when G-mail lumps my forwarded messages in with the original conversation thread! When I first started using G-mail, I almost had a heart attack when the first instance of this "lumping phenomenon" occurred with a forwarded snarky message. My husband certainly got a good laugh at my expense when I called him in a panic about it. I still think twice before forwarding when using G-mail even when I'm not being snarky because the grouping just looks confusing to me. And yes, I've learned my lesson and reined in my snarkiness since my scare.


Sure. I'd love a Gmail invite. I want to see what all the fuss is about and none of my "real" friends have one.



your browser can only "see" one account at a time

I solved this by creating another profile for Firefox that I use only for viewing my second gmail account. Each profile has a separate space for storing cookies so you don't run into the problems that you described. It just takes some discipline to not use the browser running in the second profile for anything but gmail. Also, it would be nice to have both gmail accounts in separate tabs on the same window - but alas....

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