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Yeoman Lawyer

Very astute observations.

Evan included this observation; "One of the ironies of The Anonymous Lawyer is that even if the weblog is entirely fictional, it reads as if it might be true.", which I think helps explain its initial popularity. It often reads as though it is true, and if that portion of it, satire (presumably) turned into a book, could be done, it would be a pretty good book.

Those who comment there, however, seem to have taken a turn towards being nastier and nastire in the last couple of months. There were always a few, but now they compete to have the rudest comments. It's hard for me to understand why AL puts up with that, as it seems to me that most of the more careful readers no longer post, and perhaps no longer read it as much. Some editing of that site would help it.

Well, I hope he does publish. An expose on firm life, indeed, law life, is overdue.

SF Librarian

When I'm feeling remorse about giving up my six-figure salary at BIGLAW, I read a few entries of Anonymous Lawyer, including the hateful comments section. Even though it's satirical, there are enough kernels of truth about BIGLAW to make me extremely happy that I left.


AL could take the route that Andy Kessler first took with Wall Street Meat and publish on his own using Lulu (or some equivalent route--I'm biased).

On a related note, a while back I corresponded with an anonymous lawyer who had written a terrific (and frightening) fictionalized memoir about his life as an incompetant lawyer and published it on Lulu.com (see: Fallen: Confessions of a Disbarred Lawyer). The trouble was that the author never typeset or edited the book properly--he seemed to give up on it before really finishing it properly. But I thought it had great potential.

NZ lawyer

AL is revealed: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1309367/posts


I am the author of Falen: Confessions of a Disbarred Lawyer. The book is not fictionalized, but is an autobiographical retelling of the unraveling of my law practice, leading to my ultimate disbarment. Well, that only really begins to tell it. Unraveling of my law practice? How about the unraveling of my life, and so on. Anyway, the comments here are appreciated. The book I think does have great potential, but I did sort of give up on it. So much work and so much time! But I would like to distribute it broadly. 1,000,000 lawyers in the US alone! Any thoughts from anyone?


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I appear across that AL helps make me laugh, and occasionally the comments of his viewers make me cringe.

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