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Hmmmmmmm, can you lawyers get disbarred for violating laws like this? I don't the MPAAs of this world would be too pleased. And yes, copying and sending CDs in this way is illegal.

Rayne of Terror

I think you are wrong 5:32 PM. I'm pretty sure I heard a piece on NPR saying that there is an exception for foot traffic. When you mix a tape or cd and give it to a friend it is perfectly all right and much different than sharing music over a peer to peer network. I'd know more if I was taking copyright this semester, but instead I'm sitting here waiting for land use to begin. Better start reading about aesthetics :)


Here are so album recommendations by said artists

Frank Black and the Catholics- Dog in the Sand- Good starting point, if you like that, than you can move in any direction on the Frank Black totem pole.
Spoon-Kill the Moonlight
Goner- How Good We Had It
Dandy Warhols- 13 Tales from Urban Bohemia
R.L. Burnside- Anything is good, though I prefer- Come on In, Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down and A Bothered Mind

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