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Oh, this is *fun*!

I like C and D the best - possibly some combination? That is, this mysterious patron is the "secret source"? Or, patron found you through the secret source? Imagine all the possibilities for secret sources! There are many more than three subchoices, especially in the space between "illegal" and "embarassing" (how about "lurid"?)

My favorite imaginary income source: Sherry has sold two paperback romance novels and is working on a third. Each hero(ine) lives on a different Casco Bay island. I am eagerly awaiting the Halfway Rock installment, myself.

This is so much more fun than facts! Anyone else have a favorite imaginary income source? Scoring will be unaffected by actual fact. Do please keep things PG-13.


You blog is good; your writing is great.

Ignore the troll commenters; don't bite the bait.

Best for 2005...



Whomever was probably drunk, celebrating something or other, and...hey, let's open a thread speculating about his life!

David Mann

Whomever seems like a moron. But I must admit I have wondered myself about your financial situation given your long-term unemployment status. That doesn't mean I agree with anything else he said, or even find it to be more than minimally interesting.

Richard Ames

"Whomever" seems to want a resolution to your story. I don't know about his life, but mine is full of unresolved stories.

I think Whomever is probably your mother trying to cover her tracks. I mean, what man under, say, 45 can reference a coming-of-age film from 1961 (yes, I looked it up on IMDb) at the drop of hat like that? Actually, as I read the plot, Whomever sounds a lot like Ace Stamper, Buddy's overbearing millionaire father who just wants Buddy to go to Yale and get on with his life already, and forget about Deanie, his true love. Maybe Whomever (let’s just call him “Ace”) is drawing a parallel between your life and Buddy’s dilemma. Deanie in this case is what you’re Searching For In Life, you being the wondering adolescent Buddy in need of Ace’s forceful attention and direction. This would explain Ace’s snide money inquiries of you.

And there’s perhaps another angle. I learned that Deanie apparently ends up in a mental hospital after failing to secure Buddy's carnal exercises (which is kinda' gross for a 1960s film). (As if this wasn't bad enough for Deanie the hospital she’s taken to is located in Witchita, poor thing.) Perhaps Ace sees you as Deanie, lost between who she is and what kind of person she thinks Buddy wants ("Buddy" being in this instance Your Life & True Purpose. Follow me? You know what I'm sayin'?). This would be the source of Ace’s "mid-thirties breakdown" reference to you.

Come to think of it, I’m starting to imagine that Ace is in denial about his lack of adoration of chick flicks in general, and perhaps your Story in particular. I personally have no imagination for these kinds of things, but I’m maybe thinking he feels compelled to read such Stories, and his obsession with them is beginning to bother, confuse and frustrate him. He’s staying home from work now, watching The Young and the Restless on television, reading Redbook and Harper’s Bazaar and E-Pregnancy, chatting on the telephone with his wife’s girlfriends until dinner time. I suspect on New Year’s Eve, after humiliating himself by impulsively placing a mail order for a Stewed, Screwed & Tattooed Girlie Tee with Sailor Jerry’s he suddenly realized he’s nearing bottom. He splashed more gin into his tonic, collapsed into his net back chair (Abby’s Place, fuchsia, $135), a mixed up heap of man slouching before his computer monitor thinking chick thoughts. It was at that moment, I’ll bet, that he reached for his mouse (Yarnish Tech, purple, $28) and clicked on Scheherazade.


I am afraid that you somehow misinterpreted parts of my comment. It certainly wasn't meant to be angry or snide, or even insulting. I will admit to a great deal of frustration, which I do not believe is unwarranted. I mean, come on, you quit your job and cease to post on anything substantive for months. It is a story with no resolution. Also, there may have been a tinge of jealousy, because really, who the hell can or would do this? God only knows that I would certainly give it six weeks, and my posts during that time would certainly center around sailing as well, though they would invariably read "I'm on a boat. Its nice out. Drunk again. More Tomorrow." But after a month to six weeks, I would be horribly bored, and be forced to find something else to do. Thus, the true source of my seeming anger and frustration, who can manage this sort of drifting for such a sustanined period of time? Certainly not someone of your well-hidden drive (first in class at law school...etc). Therefore, I will, for the time being going to pick e, g(2)or h, and continue to specualte. However, that means that I will have to continue to check in to see what the real story is. Thus, I am afraid that I will not be able to disappear, though I will try not to upset you by posting more comments. Oh, and as for the chick flicks, I can certainly enjoy a good one. Notice that my comment stated that "chick flicks that I cannot understand" such as "Splendor in the Grass" which I did not appreciate nor really want to understand. That does not translate into all chick flicks. Oh, and Richard, splendid job ole' boy, brilliant, and boo, when I start posting my life on the internet, feel free to speculate all you would like.

Jeffrey A. Cross

I haven't read Whomever's post, and I don't care to. I must admit, however, that I, too, have been wondering what you're doing. I've been reading your blog for months and ever since you quit your job, I have no idea what you're really doing with your time, what you're really thinking, or what you intend to do. Reading your posts each day, they seem scattered, random, and completely forced. It's as if you have no idea what to write, so you're forcing yourself to put something out there. I hope that's not the case, but it sure does seem that way.


A slightly different take: What makes people keep reading novels after the first page is (a) interest in the plot, (b) emotional interest in the characters, (c) the interplay of ideas, and (d) the technical skill of the writing. These same rules can apply to a memoir or autobiography. If you think of journal-style weblogs like Stay of Execution as a form of memoir or autobiography, then it follows that one way to maintain reader interest is to construct those weblogs with (a) - (d) in mind.

Whether or not by design, Stay of Execution seems to be constructed like this--there's a sense of plot, an emotional interest to be taken in the characters (the principal one of which is Scheherazade), an interplay of ideas, and good writing. But in any novel or memoir or weblog, each of these elements -- (a) through (d) -- can be emphasized or de-emphasized, and writers can mix them up differently depending on the writer's aims and methods and the particular genre or subgenre in which the author is writing. In commercial novels, for example, the plot is given the major emphasis; in literary novels, the plot might be almost nonexistent.

Seen in this light, the commenter who inspired the post was complaining primarily that he wanted more plot--that he cared more about the plot than the skill of the writing. But in making this a demand, he's misunderstood this weblog, in my opinion. It might make more sense for him to pick up The Da Vinci Code or watch Dirty Harry.

This post also brings to mind Stephen King's book Misery, which was an attempt to demonstrate what happens when an author becomes a slave to his audience. By the tone and content of this post, it's clear that Scheherazade does not intend to become a slave to hers.


Dear Ms S.
We will be sending a meals on wheels rep to your house to help you fill out any paperwork you need help with. Further more allow us to forward and emergency ration of Peanut butter and crackers.

The hell with what the rest of the world thinks. let him go dark. Keep the Faith.


SF Librarian

I have to chuckle when I read Whomever's posts. (A tinge of jealousy, Whomever? I would characterize it as a bit more than a tinge! Also, you may want to avoid visiting San Francisco. The streets are teeming with people who never seem to need a "real" job to support themselves, and I fear that you would go mad trying to figure out how they make it work.) As an ex-lawyer, I encounter lots of former colleagues who are convinced that my decision to end a promising legal career after performing brilliantly in law school means that I am : a) mentally unstable and/or nursing a secret addiction or illness that requires long-term rehabilitation; b) desperate to become pregnant, which necessitated a shift to a less stressful lifestyle (this from the folks who are just observant enough to note that I am married, but have otherwise failed to note my complete lack of interest in children); c) lazy; or d) suddenly wealthy from a surprise inheritance. There is nothing more amusing than interacting with these former colleagues and watching them try to fish for the "real truth" behind my decision.

Let 'em speculate, Scheherazade, and keep posting. There are plenty of us who love reading your posts just as they are.


Part of what I really enjoy about your blog is the open-ended feeling of it, the way you meander and ponder without striving for closure or a nugget of "lesson" at the end of every post. And the fact that we don't have all the information about your status (and, frankly, I don't want to know about your finances--that is besides the point as far as your blog goes) mirrors in some way the uncertainty of your situation.

Let me take this point, at the beginning of a new year, to say thanks for a really wonderful blog--well-written, thoughtful, varied, conveying a sense of a real person behind the entries, and providing smiles, food for thought, and a bright spot on the web. So thanks, and happy 2005....


You know, I had issues with a troll over at my blog, The Lisa Life.

You are much more polite and refined than I am. After I banned this arse, who was representing as a woman but I'm pretty sure was a man (not many women call other women man haters) this troll thing then started to email me.

Big X in the right hand corner. Don't like what you read, don't read it.

Seems pretty simple, doesn't it?

I think you do a fine job in your blog.

A. Rickey

My God. Someone who's come to a woman's website and is experiencing overly feminine posts. Let us save him the trouble and say if he visited me he might find overly Republican posts. Or if he were to go to The Arnie Blog (god forbid there ever is one) he'll get overly manly posts. Even after much pondering, I can't see he's got a valid complaint.

I've never seen someone say, "Can you please move on to the next chapter in your life so that I can finish reading this one?" Perhaps he doesn't know that blogs are real-time narratives of peoples lives--at least diary-style blogs like yours--and thus not subject to the whims of dramatic pacing?

Nah. Fess up, Jeremy. We know you miss Anonymous Lawyer and are trying to recreate it here.

...Wait. Whomever's posts are entirely unfunny. That rules out Jeremy, which means that "Whomever" might have been serious? In which case, might I suggest he start a blog somewhere, as such satire is a difficult art indeed.

While I agree with Evan that plot is nice, Whomever should have more sense to be rude to a diarist about the quality of their life and what they care to write about. Asking about something, politely, might be acceptable, but his original "commentary" was not on at all.

Jack Jones

I don't want to sound like I'm defending Whomever but....x7 (I've heard that you have to say most things seven times before they sink in.)...he does pose at least that interesting question. what is it like to be able to live off of a trust fund or an inheritance? I'm not saying that you do Sheher, but I've never been in that circumstance so I'm curious.


I missed all the hubbub. I vote for D2.


Forgive my late entry but I couldn't resist the opportunity to commend your patience and generosity in your response to "Whomever." Call me reactionary, but I thought his comment was downright hostile toward women in general, but directly at you and your extremely interesting and fun-filled blog. (But I’m a woman (if you will), so what do I know?)

Albeit a brilliant movie for reasons having mostly to do with the time and context in which it was made, woman continue to dig Splendor in the Grass if for no reason than to be reminded of how far (indeed) we have come. I would venture to guess that more woman dig Thelma and Louise even if, give the chance, they would rewrite the ending. But may I just say, for the benefit of Whomever, that given my teeny tiny glimpse into your mind, that you’re not competent to speak for women in general, much less about what we like.

Sheri, I, for one, enjoy the sometimes meandering tone of your blog (jumping from one subject to the other as your thoughts, life and inclinations take you). Although I got hooked through your very encouraging entries regarding the law school experience and working as a lawyer, I stayed because of your descriptions of and observations in your long walks, entries about your dog, family, friends, parties, books, music, weddings, trips and sailing (last time I checked, these are activities that both men and women enjoy). Sadly, my interest remains in part due to my own inability to enjoy any of these activities as I work full time and go to law school at night (not merely because I am a woman). One learns that one must fulfill one’s needs vicariously at times. Hence my recent selfish encouragement for MORE girly thoughts and experiences, as such considerations are sorely lacking in this dedicated female reader’s life (but for that I have Blind Insight – who with her upcoming wedding has really been indulging me) or This Fish (which sometimes takes it a bit too far – but she’s entitled, after all, it’s her life/blog), among others).

I wonder about these folks who spend their precious little time (or perhaps they have more than I) thinking about how and why you are living your life the way you do. But given my own lack of time, I’ll have to leave the psychoanalysis up to someone with either more time or experience on the subject.

If I could find a way to live in Maine (Montana or even Minnesota) (even WITH a job), sail, take long walks, meet my gal pals for martinis, I’d be doing it and most likely not interrupt my life to blog about it. All I want to know is . . . how do you make the time to do it all?! (But you don’t have to answer, as I believe how you do it all, your future employment prospects, as well as how you finance it, it is none of my business.)

Keep up the great blogging and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2005!


Please come off it people. My post and question was not hostile towards women, though it did voice frustration with the author in question, and deservedly so. Evan blithely notes that there are four different focal points of any written piece, and an author may choose to emphasize or de-emphasize style or plot or characters, etc. What he fails to note in that this particular written work started off with a rather coherent and involved plot combined with good writing. Then, in Tolstoy-like fashion, it meandered off into randomn, somewhat pointless, observations. Observations that, quite frankly, make Hallmark cards, in comparison, read like a text on statistics. She is free to do that, I am just trying to figure out why there was such a radical shift, and I do not think that is unreasonable. Oh, and quite frankly, this is not about finances. I could really care less if she is wealthy or a poor. I just cannot comprehend a human being doing absolutely nothing for such a long period of time. If she has decided not to blog about portions of her life and focus on her impressions of people and nature, well, then fine. However, she could at least point that out, and not leave her audience in limbo.


"However, she could at least point that out, and not leave her audience in limbo." -whomever

My friend, you're missing the forest for the trees. This is a web site devoted to personal musings. She owes you nothing. It's silly and sad that you're demanding information rather than getting yourself a nice hobby so you don't expend all this time/energy/frustration on that which is, ultimately, none of your business or under your control.

Yes, she has an audience, but an audience can't demand a performer change their choreography. If they don't like it, they can leave. The audience is just along for the ride.

Richard Ames

Oh Therese ... all these interesting and amusing posts and then you have to get all feminist about it. Even though I'm still of the opinion that Whomever (a/k/a "Ace") is S's mother, I can't for the life of me see anything in it whatsoever that's "hostile to women". God do I hate that line. It's so, how should I say, whiney.

A. Rickey


If you honestly were interested in what you're talking about now--why she's made the decision to focus on one thing instead of another--you could have asked so politely, without the idea that your musings as to what is or is not important to write about should be the sine qua non of literary criticism. Instead, you posted an arrogant, judgmental little diatribe that one hopes was written under the influence of alcohol, just to give you an excuse.

If you don't like reading something, don't: it's as simple as that. If Sherry's writing has veered off course such that she's losing valuable readership (like you seem to think yours is) then I'm sure she'll change it. Of course, I don't know her readership statistics: it could be that for every impolite berk she's losing in readership, she's picking up two who enjoy writing that "makes Hallmark cards look like books of statistics." All this presuming, of course, that the blog is written for your benefit instead of her own, which is by no means certain.

Otherwise, unless you're paying her hosting fees or in other senses are a financial benefactor of the site, she owes you nothing: not an explanation, not a post, not a change of style or plot. Even accepting arguendo that your criticism has merit--a dubious assumption indeed--the manner in which you've raised it has no bloody excuse whatsoever, nor does it seem calculated to produce a helpful response. If you don't want to read, don't, but otherwise the real question is who the hell do you think you are?


Sheri, I have to admit for the first month or so after you announced that you were leaving your job, I was also curious to know how the story would turn out. But being a much older person than you trying to figure out what profession my second career should be, I found myself got drawn into the stream of consciousness of the journey... understanding that some decsions do not come through conscious deliberation but by letting "karma" or "inner self" reveal itself. While I did not quit my present profession while moving toward my appointed date for a Big Change, you posts have become a reassuring message that career is not all of life and that the journey toward decision is a reward in itself. They have also help convince me that law school is not the way for me to be involved in legal studies at this late stage. Thank you for sharing the adventure.


I enjoyed Splendor in the Grass, and I'm a guy. It was overwrought, but there's a place for that


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