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Thanks - I really needed to read this post today. Um, can I ask what was your experience with kind people in law school? I'm finishing my first year and it's starting to feel like a minefield. Putting it together with your previous post about confidence in expecting that people will react positively to you (loved that one too), I realized that that is something I've lost since school started. People's reactions to other people, sometimes me too, suddenly seem very unmoored from reality. And extreme. And sometimes downright creepy. And I'm sure it's a little bit of me and a little bit of them.... Is this the famed law school bubble? How did you handle the sudden transition to a very artificial social scene liberally laced with very nervous people?


This is a great post. I love the blog.

chris Burdette

People are kind.

That sounds nice. I like that.

Today while at work, at a job I don't like, I thought about kind people. Then I went to Google and typed in "kind people". That's how I found your blog this morning, September 19, 2006. Just as simple as that, I found another person thinking about the truth that people are kind.

That sounds nice. I like that.

hind ismail

ramadan mubarak wishing a joyous iftar with happiness health and success always to all kind people


I too typed in kind people, because I was trying to figure out what I actually value and realised that it is kindness.

Adrian Hill

I typed in kind people aswell n i'm very happy i found this page :)

Jennifer F

I just happened to stumble on this today and I wanted to say thank you. It is just what I needed to hear!

Esther   Amor

How You Treat People Are Kind Repect
Love Kind Self Conrol With Things
Towords Reatonship With God If Ther
Are The To Be Kind To Of Us We Kind To

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