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Scheherazade --

How do you think your coaching life will affect your blogging life? Your team will look for you to be a leader -- can that role coexist with your writings in Stay, which are often quite personal/vulnerable?


Did you have to watch a sexual harassment video? I did when I took my old prosecution job. The best part - female superior walks over to male subordinate who is working at a table. There's a bottle of water on the table. She says, "so you wanna get together this weekend?" He says, "no." She has this whole personality change, smacks the water bottle over, and yells "CLEAN THAT UP," then walks away angrily. The actors did not pull it off. Everyone with a government job talked about that video.


Bowdoin is a great place. I had a lot of friends there during my undergraduate days, and I used to compete in sporting events there. I have lots of great memories of competitions, overnight visits, and parties.

It always struck me how wholesome and outdoorsy and athletic the entire student body seemed. On the negative side, my friends said the campus seemed a bit claustrophobic after they spent 4 years with the same small class on the same small campus.

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