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This is great stuff. You're no doubt familiar with the weird love-hate relationships campuses have with "recruited" athletes, and I'd forgotten that you would be recruiting too. There's some lengthy discussion of this on the unofficial Williams weblog, www.ephblog.com (search for "tips",) but I think you've recognized your role well: identify sailors who are likely to get accepted if they apply, convince them to apply, and convince them to choose your school if they're accepted.

Too bad about the parts that shouldn't go on the 'net, though; naturally, they're the parts which most pique our curiosity!


and convince them to choose your school if they're accepted.

pjm, you left out the part that goes "unless you have good reason to think going to your school wouldn't make them as happy as to go somewhere else."


Unless you're in love with the applicant or at war with other schools. All's fair in love and war.


I think you would be surprised to find out how much the sailing program might factor in to applicants' college decisions. I basically decided which schools to apply to based upon a conversation at a Laser clinic with Gary Bodie when I was in high school. I wanted a school with a good sailing program, but not so good that I would never sail in regattas until I was an upperclassman. I wanted to have good regattas in close proximity to the school and good facilities. I was lucky enough to get into MIT and sailed on the Charles for 4 years. I met with Fran Charles before I applied but the whole experience was pretty overwhelming.

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Really good thinking about the sailors who are thinking about the college know about the program,wonderful to tell.

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