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"wearing black jeans, a purple tie-dye shirt with a picture of a leopard on it, a purple hat with some feathers and beads hanging from it"

Category 1?


Oh, I miss country line dancing! didn't you learn in middle school, or is that something only Texas public education inflicts?
I used to be able to go to Max's in Charlottesville, but they knocked it down my senior year to expand the hospital. I need to hook up with the NYC country folks.

A mixed crowd of ordinary looking bar patrons, rednecks, lesbians, and hipsters
reminds me of a song that often came to mind when I was back in C'ville this summer and looking at the people at the farmer's market or Fridays at 5:
"Well the songwriting's left up to old hillbillies
Hippies and rednecks and girls like Miss Emmylou
I'm too young to have a point of view
But I just want to be a part of fightin' the Nashville Blues"

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