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Yay! Boys falling from the ceiling tiles, huh? What are you up to in that cold northern state, miss thing! Dating's fun, isn't it? Enjoy your riches... (I told you you're adorable!)


Funny how when you shake up old patterns a) you're open to new things coming into your life, and they come; and b) the old patterns wail, "What about us?!" Things will settle out again soon enough. Enjoy the ride.


Some of this may also be a natural cycle -- I found this year the holiday season to be a huge mess of craziness, in both good and bad ways. I never thought I'd be in the position of talking about the "crazy holiday season" but there I was (here I am). And finally... slowly... a routine is beginning again, or so I hope, but a routine that also makes room for all of the new.

And as a side (or maybe not so side) note: if you enjoy the sitting an analyzing and categorizing, you should still make time to do it. Maybe not let it totally run your course of action (ie, don't always just believe your conclusions!) but it may also prove too difficult to totally fight your insticts, or just not necessary.

Be you, be happy.


Aw shucks. Yeah, we're here. Our eyeballs belong to you.


"Administrivia" - brilliant !


But will you still need us if it should come to be decided that this guy's "the one"? I doubt it. Unless he likes being blogged about. Check for us? Otherwise, I dunno if we can give our assent.


It seems to me, that once you've decided that you're "undateable" then things happen really quickly.

When I first me my wife, she and her best friend had both basically decided that they were going to be "old maids." Two months later she was engaged... and it took a half-hour to convince her best friend that she was seriously, really engaged. :D


Are you kidding? Here as much as I ever was!! Such excitement and change over the past year!


UNC v. Va Tech??!??!??!?!? What horrible taste in schools!!!!!!

(UVa grad)

I think when you concentrate on yourself, then others tend to show up


If you need a vacuum, buy a Dyson. Period.

Al Wheeler

About half a minute into reading this post I switched my musical selection to "It's Raining Men". It seemed appropriate somehow.


Still here as always...

I can totally relate to the desire to rush things. To overanalyze. Just enjoying the moment is more of a challenge it seems. Not sure why... Sounds like you've got lots of possibilities. Enjoy the ride!


Congrats on a new shake up in the status quo! And on working not to think so much when the small of your back likes a guy.


Great news!

The Happy Feminist

Still here -- and on the edge of my seat!

Notorious BLT

I'm not sure why, but it does seem that changes aggregates into short chunks of time. It's like the penomena of lines. They're never steady, either short or long for many reasons both obvious and hidden.

If you ever want to double-date give us a ring.


Seconding Will on everything he said. And regarding the guy from church, consider this your time to jump in the fountain at the Plaza Hotel.

(Jump in the fountain at the Plaza Hotel is a catchall phrase for laying up the experience that you can analyze later for writing material; F. Scott Fitzgerald.)

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