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I almost laughed out loud when I read this post...because just this morning, for the first time ever, I considered buying a kitchen timer. I have too many conflicting obligations at work and I was thinking that a timer might help me get things done. So thanks for the recommendation.


I wonder why you assume that getting to a party on time is more urgent than continuing to read a good book?


you sound like a woman who has not completely shaken off her identity as a lawyer. one of the worst things that came out of practicing law was that i always had a little clock inside my head, calculating in six-minute increments not only my every move, but the moves of friends or family. someone would be conversing with me and i'd think, "okay, it's now taken you ten minutes to say what could have been said in five." it made me very impatient.

these days, i allow no timers to restrain my time unless something's cooking.

and i'm much less productive for it.

Michael J.

There's a book called Accidential Genius (Mark Levy) that I like quite a bit, which recommends a timer technique for creative writing. Could be good for those fiction assignments!


Hey! I do that sometimes, too!


i just had to pop back in to say that after writing my comment above, last night i had a dream that i was back in a big law firm and the partner had just instituted new rules for billing hours.

btw, i hope you didn't take my comment that "you sound like a woman who has not completely shaken off her identity as a lawyer" as an insult--it was meant in jest. your post reminded me of how i used to have to keep track of time back when i didn't want to.


Can anyone tell me how to work this Bonjour kitchen timer? When I first got it I followed the instructions, and threw them away because the timer worked. Now I can't remember how to make it work. Its the Bonjour Memory timer that can time three different things. At the left are buttons T1, T2 and T3; the top is HR, MIN, SEC, the right side has CLEAR and CLOCK COUNTER and the botton is one button labeled START/STOP. I'm sure this is something very obvious but I don't get it. Help? Thanks much. --Stacie, foolofgrace@gmail.com


I have the same problem stacie does and would really appreciate some help. (I learned my lesson.)


Try this URL at Bonjour.


Go to the FAQ for the Multi-Timer question then select "print answer." You can print from the screen or download the pdf.

I had the same problem. Good Luck

Elizabeth Breuer Stacey

YOu guys are awesome. I could NEVER figure out how to work this thing and it's so simple.



I purchased this timer and have now been brought out in a cold sweat by this post.

The photo on Amazon lead me to believe that it had a CLOCK on it - as did the word clock on the device.

It read 19:59:59 clearly one second to 8 O'clock.

I was given the remit at my last AGM to buy a clock/stopwatch for our organisation (don't ask) and completely forgot about it until I was asked how the search was going.

So today I got this one (from Amazon).

Does it hae a clock on it?

or is that one second after 20mins on a countdown or one second to it on a stopwatch.

Let me know - thanks

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Greg C

Thank you Duncan! I would never have guessed to find the Multi-Timer manual that way. I am in your debt.


det jeg var ute etter, takk

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