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I found your blog through a meandering search for college info for my son. Your writing is a source of comfortable reading and is often thought-provoking, even in entries about day-to-day living, like the pros and cons of drinking coffee. (After all, the details of daily living are the point where life really happens.) I don't know that you have to put a name on your style. The important part, as you say, is to be brave and keep writing. If nothing else, you encourage others to do the same.


Maybe wait for the characters. I used to be more inclined to write fiction (partly because I used to read more fiction), and when I did characters often seemed to be saying things of themselves, and that was the writing that people thought was pretty good. When I forced characters to fit a plot or a theme, the dialogue stank.


And I'm convinced that AL is just the dark side of Jeremy's otherwise sunny personality ;-)

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. When I forced characters to fit a plot or a theme, the dialogue stank.

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