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I'm the opposite - I've seen Old 97s three times and REALLY want to see Lucinda Williams!!!!


Sufjan Stevens-- so good! I had to share that...


Try to catch neko case! She is touring with the sadies now I think.


Excellent list. I would love to see Lucinda Williams. I just saw John Prine on Friday. Excellent concert.

My favorite concerts include Dizzy Gillespie at a Cabell Hall at UVa, Jerry Garcia Band at the Lunt Fontaine Theater, the Dead at many locations, and maybe George Thorogood in Richmond.


Springsteen is going on tour again. I advise moving him WAY ahead of Tom Petty on your "must see" list.


Bruce does put on an outstanding concert. But so does Petty.

Gabby Hyman

Oh, you have to see Bruce. I went to six shows on the last tour, and twice that many on The Rising (I wanted to see him open in Jersey, see?). Bruce will take you to the river. I've seen plenty of Jerry, too. And Petty, Floyd, Dylan (disappointed), CSNY, Joan Osbourne, Pretenders, Talking Heads, Los Lobos (always great), Clapton, Beck, Irish Rovers, Peter Gabviel, Sting, Tracy Chapman, English Beat, Van Morrison, The Who, and (gee the brain cells are failing). But Bruce is the only one I would travel to see in many cities on a single tour. Got the bug.

This year he's touring with a Dixiland band, doing old folk tunes, and rivival music. It's always good to be revived. =o) He'll be in Boston May 27 at the Garden. If you can't get tickets, mail me. (I seem to have the luck). I'm going to see him twice here in California.

peace and love,


Great list. Saw Cowboy Junkies on the Shhhhhh! Tour long ago. And Bruce, even longer ago, in what is still my loudest and clearest-sounding concert. My very first one was ZZ Top - I was knee-high to a grasshopper.


what? no string cheese?


Jeez - you forgot the Fabulous Icons - perhaps you consider them small and obscure but, hey, not. Didn't we take you to see Stevie Ray or Lyle?


just saw Wilco on Saturday. they were really good. I am envious of the Lucinda show...


Of your list, I've seen Jimmy Page (with Plant), Blues Traveller and Widespread Panic at UVA, CSN + Y, Cowboy Junkies, Willie Nelson and Ben Harper but not together.

I'd really like to see Rickie Lee Jones based on the "North Dakota" duet with Lyle Lovett on Live in Texas. And I'd like to see Lovett with his Large Band; I've only seen him with a trio.

I'd like to see Emmylou Harris and Tom Petty, though time may be running out on Petty -- he's said that he doesn't want to do any more national tours after this summer. I'll have to revoke my pledge never to go to Nissan Pavilion in Bristow (pledge having been made after multiple hours-long waits in traffic to get to concerts, the last a DMB concert on my birthday) as that's the closest they're coming to me for the set dates and locations. Trey Anastasio will be headlining with them, so I can see at least part of another band on your list.

I agree that Springsteen is very well worth seeing. I saw him when he'd just turned 50, and he still put on a three hour long show that included two encores. Having him do revival music seems almost too much, though, considering the tent-revival atmosphere of just his regular concerts.

Concert Tickets

Nice list. Have you ever seen Cat Power live? Amazing stuff. Chan Marshall has an incredible voice. She's a bit eccentric, but then again, that's what makes the show. :)

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