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Ditch Picasa. Get Gimp (it's free): http://www.gimp.org/


I think you have to export the pictures from Picassa to another folder or your desktop before uploading them.

I think Picassa saves your original photo and a memory of all of your edits so you can undo them if you want to, but when you upload directly from Picassa, the thing you're using to upload just pulls up the original.

When you export the photo from Picassa, Picasso will export the altered vesion of the photo (while saving the original inside itself in case you ever need it).

That's how it was explained to me, at least!


Personally, I haven't had a lot of luck with Gimp myself; I found it difficult to use.


After applying the crop go to file/save a copy. You will then have the original immage and the cropped one which you can upload to your blog or other applications.


Tillerman is right. You have to save a copy...


You may also want to resize the photo when you save it.

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