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Just as an FYI, most GSM phones have an option to copy the address book to the SIM card. :D So you won't have to start from scratch when you get your phone numbers all put back.


Um... Sherry... could I have my phone back, please, before you reveal any more about my life?


Has anyone seen my phone?


What phone company are you with? I've never dealt with anyone at a cell phone store who seemed even remotely helpful, and it sounds like this guy actually went out of his way to save you money and make sure you had a phone in the meantime.


BTW, just saw this article on LifeHacker, and thought it might be of interest to you and your fans.


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But I deduced the phone's former owner was a guy. There was a whole series of messages from one number that I think was a girl, who I think the phone owner got lucky with after some courtship in a bar.

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To dress up a simple expressive folk tune in the trappings of a symphony is to degrade !

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