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Cue Mary Tyler Moore theme...


Let me know if you're going through Philly. ;)

I hope NBT knows how lucky he is to be getting you thru January. You are a rock star in so many ways. Trust the process, both of you. Have fun, get to know each other, and CHEERS to a wonderful holiday season together!


S, If you are passing through D.C., come visit even just for a bit while passing through. Or some other time when convenient. Cheers and best wishes...


yippee! looking forward to more NC-flavoured posts.


Yay! Sounds like a very wonderful way to spend Christmas.

And the way it's always read to me is that all of the changes you've made in the past few years - from work (more flexibility, different obligations and schedules), and life (opening up, being braver emotionally, and honest about what you want and why that's okay) have made this extended trip possible. So, the job-change, and all of the stuff that naysayers here seem to think were more interesting to hear about before than your life now are very much intertwined. You're you, and you're very good at being it. And while I can't speak for ALL of your blog readers, hopefully many will agree that we're terribly glad that there's someone else there now (hi, NBT) that appreciates that and and offers back to you his own wonderful (i'm assuming this, based on what you tell us) self.

Happy Holiday Season. We'll fill you in on how cold it's getting.


Have a safe drive! Thanks for letting me hold on to your keggerator while you're away!


Great title here.


Sounds very, very good! Soon, though,
(maybe by the time you get back) you'll
really have to abandon NBT for plain old BT

Have a great trip, girl!


hmmm...that's not exactly what I intended to say. Well, you know what I meant to say.
(Unless , of course, you have some interesting reason for continuing with NBT, which we'd love to have you explain)


Yey, you're stopping yourself from giving into the urge to hedge; you're treating this relationship as shiny new without influence of past experiences. A very brave, and very Zen thing to do! Have a great time.

Did you arrive safely? How was the trip down?


2 months ago the love of my life(or so I thought) ended our 6 year relationship. To say I was devastated is an understatement. I found this blog during my darktime, and I have to say that you Scheherazade, have been like a dear close friend. There is always something I can reference to in this blog. You have made me feel I'm not alone in feeling the way I do, and this particular entry fills me with hope. That one day I can let myself fall in love, untainted and unafraid. Thanks

Christy(NBT's sis)

I am so glad to see this post!! :)

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