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So, you sent us here, so it wasn't snooping at all, but ...

"This past Sunday, W. and I had some rare family time with our only child, daughter Sherry who's spending her first winter since college away from her home in Portland, Me. She's up from North Carolina for a few days on business and to get her dog Lila, who's been staying with us."

So... you're spending the whole winter in North Carolina? Only back for a few days? And to pick up Lila?

Sounds like things are going very well, and you continue to enjoy the view of the mountains, sweet tea, and all the rest NC has to offer (all NBTs included!).


ha, I saw Borat with my parents, too... That was an experience. So yes, SBC: comic genius. But I actually thought the movie was really depressing. Depressing movies can be a good thing, and in some ways I think this one was good (it points out our hypocrisies, etc.) but I don't think it was entirely. Because if you thought the movie was strictly hilarious, you were getting a good chunk of your yucks out of looking down on all the people who were manipulated and lied to to make it. Not that maybe some of those same manipulated-and-lied-to people (the frat boys, anyone?) didn't have a rude awakening coming to them, but what about those Romanian villagers portrayed as degenerates? And most of what Borat was showing about the real people in the movie struck me as really sad. I think it had really sad things to say about my culture, and really sad things to say about me.

Can you PLEASE give an indication of how things are going with NBT? I am dying to know -- thumbs up, down, or sideways. I've been here for a long time and have grown quite attached to you and your happiness in the romance department, sailing department, home ownership department, narrative arc :), and others. Withholding basic good/bad/indicators after such a HUGE trip is far too big of a gap. It would be like you not telling us how the sailing season went!! :)


Wow - Sherry moves to NC and forgets to mention it on her blog. Wow.

Sherry is in her mid-thirties and wants/needs to get married and begin a too-long deferred life. Her biological clock is (ragingly) making itself felt. The pickings are slim in Portland so she wisely moves to NC where there is a willing and available suitor although the social ecosystem may take some getting used to - better than the hideous, lonely alternative in Maine. No mystery there - nothing has changed fundamentally for women since Jane Austen wrote her deeply-felt, brilliantly true books.



Don't rush things. 34 is the new 24, remember. In view of that, you're just about on time....

34 is most certainly not the new 24. Women have different time horizons, different time constraints and biological inevitabilities which we ignore at our peril.


"34 is most certainly not the new 24. Women have different time horizons, different time constraints and biological inevitabilities which we ignore at our peril."

I know very few people who get married in their early 20s and have children these days. Most establish careers (not to mention maturity) first, and wait until their late 20's/early 30's to settle down. So in that sense, 34 is the new 24. Biologically, woman are able have children in their 30's, so what's your rush?


Oh please, guys. If anybody ever mentions my biological clock in a public forum, please shoot me.

On the question of when you know when a new friend is a keeper: when they feel like an old friend. When, instead of wanting to impress them, you find yourself wanting to know about them and wanting to tell them things. Or, in my case, when you are homeless and living in a trailer while your house is gutted after a flood, and they bring you a hot meal. With pie. Now THAT is a keeper.

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