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I'm a writer, a sailing coach, an extrovert, a recovering lawyer, and an insatiably curious woman living in Portland, Maine.


I use this website to practice my writing. I try to write every day. Doing that helps me notice my world, and helps me think through and express what passes through me each day.

This is a new weblog. I used to have one called "Stay of Execution." You can find it here. Some of my favorite posts from that weblog are gathered here.

While I've been writing this blog, my dog had major surgery, and then had her back leg amputated. I wrote some posts about her recovery and her progress, and they are collected here. I want people who are looking for information about dogs and amputation to find the page easily. I know it's scary. And your dog, if he or she is anything like mine, will be okay.

[Sadly, about a year after her amputation, my dog died.]

Also, in the time I've been writing this weblog, I've gone from a career practicing law to a life as a writer and sailing coach. I'm a lot happier now. My law-related posts are here, and my reflections about my own professional path are here.

I also use this blog to write about my training schedule. I'm hardly an athlete, but I've trained for two walking marathons in the past two years (and only walked in one, due to a rotten bout of food poisoning). Also walked a half marathon. I'm currently training to run a half marathon. [This goal is on hold, temporarily, due to the college sailing season.] The posts about this process are gathered here.

There are some pictures of me here and here.

I like to get emails, but the volume goes up all the time. My first priority is to respond to emails from friends and family. I can be unpredictable about responding to emails from blog readers. It's not you, it's me. I love getting comments on the site. Unless it's a personal or professional matter, I prefer public comments to private emails about my blog posts. This post says what I mean.

Finally, a note about this weblog. It's a personal writing practice. I write about my life. I don't tell other people's secrets and I try to be respectful and good-hearted whenever telling one of my own stories involves description about someone else. Although I try to be honest and personal on here, there is much that I keep to myself. That balance, between public and private, between honest expression and courteous distance, is one that I think about a lot. Sometimes I get it wrong. If you think I have, please let me know. But please know that I'm trying, and be gentle with me if you think I've screwed up, because I have good intentions.


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