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Michael Toy

What a great story, somehow you lifted the fog a little for my Monday morning train ride. Thanks.


What a great post!

J. Churchill

Amusing essay. Admiralty law is not difficult stuff though. Basically just "torts on the water" as one of my professors noted. And tort law is not really that complicated either.

Commercial litigation or securities regulation...that's the stuff of headaches.


it's obviously been a long time since you posted this, but i just stumbled across it. i'm a 1L, and to hear someone say that this shit doesn't make sense is like bright sun on a field of daisies: of COURSE it doesn't make sense, and our job is to dig deeper into this ridiculousness--to try to form the impossible rule. we will Never meet all of the needs, and to try to do so is self-defeating. and law students and lawyers will try to do so anyway. thanks!

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