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Great Post. I'm from Australia, and we get the same snobbery here as well. I've got a theory as to why there's so much snobbery in the law.

Its because law is poorly defined. Its often very difficult to tell whether one lawyer is better than another. Because of thsat, its necessary to invent arbitrary barriers of quality; lawschool, marks at law school etc etc etc.

You would never hear salesmen say 'oh that salesman's from Maine, he wont be good', (or they might intiially), but pretty soon the sales figures will either be on the board or not; then he'll be judged on that.

So its time to call the snobs bluff. I do a lot of litigation against big 'establishment' firms, and I'm consistently amazed at some of the stuff ups they make.


Having worked in fancy law firms in staff before entering a non-top law school who would want to work at them as an attorney to be working 24/7 with outrageous billable requirements making you a slave weekdays and weekends to the law firm, then possibly no guarantee making partner 7 years after that slavery. Young 20-somethings have no idea what they're in for fresh out of undergraduate school. Could care less to get in posh firms with posh peers. Let them be in that boat.


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Melody Kramer

Interesting that although your post is obviously years old, the snobbery continues. I've been writing a series on pedigree vs. quality on the blog for the National Association of Freelance Legal Professionals (www.naflp.org). I'd love your comments.


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Really interesting blog. I am currently an undergrad applying to law school for next Fall. My goal is to become a public interest lawyer. Therefore, law schools that have a focus on public interest and are generous with scholarships. I go to GMU and I am eyeing on UDC because they have what I need. I want to graduate and have minimal debt so I can do what I care about and not have to prostitute the law degree I would earn- basically. I have a 3.58 GPA, lots of volunteering, and waiting to take Dec. LSAT. Many people say I should aim for and apply to better schools. But to me, I like UDC and it is exactly what I need. Thoughts of I could do better started to enter my mind. But honestly, it doesn't really make sense because in the end- I will be the one living with however much student loan I borrow and I would be the one who would have to live with what I decide ultimately. I want to do public interest law and reading your blog makes me think- I never want to forget that. This is why I will go to law school. I want a law degree and I want to pass the bar. Also, to graduate being able to afford to do so is important especially as a single mom. Dr. Seuss said: "People who mind don't matter, people who matter don't mind"/ Now, I just hope any future probono/ indigent clients aren't snobs and would look down on where I went. That--- would really make me cry :)

Zorbyoo Zoopyyy

That's funny, I went to a 4th tier law school and work for myself, and I love it.

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