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David Giacalone

As usual, you've summed things up better than I, Sherry Like yourself, I believe that the small group who have made meaningful contact with me through the weblog experience make the effort unquestionably worthwhile. More than a gift, a blessing worth celebrating this Thanksgiving week! [of course, a guy can be grateful and skeptical at the same time.]


I'd bet that many of the hits to EthicalEsq are coming in via RSS readers for subscribers who have not unsubscribed to David's feed. While these users are not visiting his site everyday, their agents are. So, while many of those hits are likely from automated tools, they represent real live readers.

David Giacalone

Andrew, Thanks for the input. However, RSS-feed hits on behalf of people who are not actually reading or checking out a site on a particular day is exactly what I would consider to be invalid, non-human contact, which inappropriately inflates the totals and over-estimates the influence or reach of any particular site and the weblog world. Those feeds certainly don't "represent" me. If such feeds do generate page hits, nobody's numbers are the least bit realistic.

Richard Ames

A page on my site is number one in the whole wide world (i.e., on Google) for the phrase, "I need something to do," or "need something to do" for short. I kid you not. It amazed me. All the sites on earth plying their entertainment services, and a page on MY site (which contained but one sentence until I fluffed it up recently to cash in on its notoriety) hit the very top. Freaky.


I'm one of the people who recently contributed to David's numbers. When I saw that he commented on one of your posts I also commented on, I clicked his link. Small world side note: I see Richard Ames commenting on your blog and he actually commented on mine a couple weeks ago. Wow.

Prof. Bainbridge

I have to admit I care about both. I check my stats obsessively, but what really makes me happy is when some smart person takes what I write seriously enough to write up a thoughtful critique (like you did a couple of posts below). Steve

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