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or you could use cocoa butter - the more solid it is the better!


Made the switch to cocoa butter. Just as thick and protective, only now I smell like a bakery treat; way better than before. Thx for the tip.


hmm.. .cocoa butter, crisco...

what about the great products offered by Arbonne?

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I just started using Crisco on my face after I wash it each night. My mom recommended it from a friend who talked to a skin care doctor about rashes she was having. It is unbelievable!! My skin was really broken out and after two days of using Crisco as a moisturizer it started clearing up and feels so soft! I am a new fan of this new multi-purpose product! IF you are feeling brave and want something new, than Crisco might just be for you!! Like my little jingle?


I have use crisco regullarly before go to the bed.It gives me fantastic result before using it my skin was very itchy & i felt uncomfortable.But after using it, I m very relax now.

June Blanchard

Crisco works! Yes. A lot of plastic surgeons use it on patients after surguries.


Never heard about crisco before. But it sounds intriging

June Blanchard

When ever my skin get's weather torn or just burnt buy the sun... I reach for the crisco. Stops the itch! Try it!

Puneet Singhal

One of the best home treatment to get the glowing skin is to prepare a solution by adding two teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of rose water. Mix them well and apply all over your face and neck. Wash the solution off your face after 20 minutes and get that glowing fresh looks.

Follow this on daily basis and see the difference yourself.



My solution for dry itchy skin is Dudur dry skin formula.
Works for me

Malcolm Hussain-Gambles

I found the healing balm/skin balancing oil from Saaf a great product for stopping itching and dryness.
I may be a little biased as my wife owns the company, but using vaseline based creams, doesn't work for me.
Cocoa butter and naturally derived products are much better for your body.
Moisturisers (i.e. water based) won't work as they have no way to form a barrier against the elements. Using petroleum based products (E45, vaseline) give possibly the best barrier, but to me it seems like coating your body in cling film (not a nice thought).
Balms (i.e. oil/fat based) are the best for this as they provide a short term barrier against the elements and some also provide essential vitamins etc. to heal the skin as well.
My wife's website is at http://www.saaf.co.uk if you are interested in more information about this kind of stuff.




Crisco is nothing more than vegetable oils, so it is perfectly safe to use. I think a lot of people mistake these Kitchen products, such as natural oils, etc., as being cooking ingrediants, and nothing more, when in fact, many of these products are all natural, perfectly safe, and effective skin care products as well. In fact, the oils that make up Crisco; soybean oil, and cotton seed oil, are known to be great for skin, doing everything from moisturizing, to regenerating skin, to healing scars.

It wasn't long ago that people would have thought someone using olive oil on their skin was crazy. Now cosmetic companies are picking up on the benefits, and including olive oil in their products. Remember that the more expensive a product is, does not mean it works better. All you are usually paying for is the name, and nothing more. extremely inexpensive products like olive oil, or especially Crisco, as its VERY cheap, can be as effective, or more effective than even the most expensive cream or lotion. In fact, I believe natural oils are far, far more effective than even the most expensive, high end lotion or cream, because they contain all of the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc., that are skin need, and they contain it naturally, along with many other great things for our skin, rather than having it added, or injected into a cream by man; and usually in the man made lotions and creams, the vitamins are man made as well. There is a natural form of vitamin E, and a man made form. The kind you usually find it lotions with added vitamin E, is the man made kind. I my opinion not nearly as effective. as using a product like olive oil, or even crico, which contains all natural vitamin E. Speaking of, have you ever looked that the nutritional facts of Crisco. It may not be the best thing to eat due to trans fats, but it has 15% vitamin E, which is great for skin.


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This was quite an interesting one. I stay in a place, where there is lot of snow fall all through the years. I know how it feels when the skin becomes dry and itchy. I always prefer natural products. So I went for the product having aloe vera and almond oil. It works wonder on my skin type.


Thanks for the tip. I was wondering how much palm oil is in Crisco. I read that palm oil is used in Crisco, and also sometimes canola oil, depending on availability (price, I'm sure). I use it to make soap and I'm always looking for information. And I also use olive oil on my face. It draws moisture to the skin and doesn't feel greasy.


Try TimelessBeautyStore.com products, you will be surprised.


Keep using Olive Oil, Adrina. Its healthier and safer=not processed.


All Natural is the way to go people, crisco is just one of a 100 things better for us than these chemical co's wares. I use only all natural skincare products such as those available at princereigns.com


Does anyone have a remedy for eczema. My son has a super bad case of this. We have tried so many things and nothing seems to work.

Thanks for any help!


My mother used Crisco on her face when I was a child. How many of us really want to have younger looking skin?

Jenifier Lee

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Actually Crico is all natural, its not processed with nasty chemicals, plus it also has antioxidants so the natural vegetable fat its made from dosen't turn rancid.


My pediatrician recommended that I use Crisco oil on my baby's bottom every time I changed his diaper to prevent diaper rash. I works!!! I figured if it was safe enough for my baby, then it is safe enough for me. I started using it on my face at night and have had people ask me what I use for mosturizer now....it's funny. Kind of hate to give out my secret! BTW.....no diaper rash on baby.....and he's 5 months old now. I'm a Crisco believer!

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Thanks for the tip. I was wondering how much palm oil is in Crisco. I read that palm oil is used in Crisco, and also sometimes canola oil, depending on availability (price, I'm sure).
best wrinkle cream

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