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Hi was just wondering.If you use olive oil on the face or skin, does one need to use only extra virgin grade or is the pomace or ordinary olive oil good enough? Thanks

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Well, Sometimes I begin to think I have a strange skin disease because my skin gets itchy. Thanks for the tips! I learned a lot here. I will apply this as well.


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Good to know about Crisco...yes this happens to me often that the hands and skin is so dry that I feel very itchy I usually use body butter.

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Ah... Crisco contains oil. Maybe it's good 'cause it's natural.


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hi stay of execution,

better gross than itchy. did it really work wonders for you? how is it going now?


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It is very nice of you to share your article to bloggers. I found that your article is so constructive and full with life wisdom. You must be a really mature guy!

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Don't part with your illusions . When they are gone you may still exist , but you have ceased to live.

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That love, not time, heals all wounds?

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I want to see what happen is for you to stop treatment too soon, or keep coming at the same frequency when it's time to reduce your visits. Re-exams give us the feedback we need to make the proper "what's next" decisions.
I think Crisco will help let me try this product once.

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They say every dog has his day and this dog had his today~


I know of a woman in her seventies who has used Crisco for years and her skin looks better than mine at fifty. Curiosity brought me to this site as I am tempted to try. She has NO wrinkles!

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I haven't tried using it on my skin. If it works on you then it may work to others. I hope there is a study that will support and explain the effectiveness of Crisco.


Years ago I knew an older woman (60's then) and her mother (80's then) and they both had the most beautiful skin I ever saw. Snow white and velvety in texture. Both used Crisco from day one and the older woman insisted on drinking nothing but hot water before bed. I don't know why. I'm sure genetics played a part on the skin issue, but Crisco it has been for me ever since and I look great and have saved an incredible amount of money.

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I am wondering if cocoa butter can help with dry, flaky, brownish skin or if it is just for helping get rid of stretch marks.


Ya..its true itching sometimes become so irritating that we scratch until it bleed in places.I recommend regular moisturizing as a essential part of routine for this.


Found out from my estetician after 5 years that crisco was the moisturizer of choice!!!!!! She also told me that no other product reduced lines like this break through product (30% reduction in30 days)at www.2lookyounger.com
Found the best of the best in 1 day. Hello Crisco!

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