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Yep, Dec. 6th!

Happy Birthday, fellow Sages.


Me, too, iguana. The Sag life is wonderful but are people always doubting your grand master plan, or is it just me? ;-)

Anyway, it's nice to be in such good company. Now I have some road to go pave -- right through a contracts exam...

Prof. Bainbridge

It's not so much that I seek such status, as I have had it thrust upon me ... or something like that. ;-))


Well I voted for you, and hope others will too:

Oh, joy! I'm December 6 as well, and I have _two_ blogs. All hail the Saggitarian overachievers!

George Wallace

I'm sure it would have been best to include my name at the end of that last comment. So much for infallibility.

A. Rickey

Happy birthday. Although, frankly, you shall never be as cool as the Virgo. ;)


I am actually 2 hours into the 22nd... Can I stay in the club?

Sissy Willis

Count me in, and Happy Birthday! http://sisu.typepad.com/sisu/2003/12/_greetings_from.html

michaela cooper

i'm not a blawgger, but i am a sagittarian (12/1). i've noticed what seems to be an over-representation at our end of the year (stretching a bit beyond sag. on both ends) of professional (and gifted amateur) humorists, many with a characteristic brainy acid wit: jonathan swift, laurence sterne, mark twain, woody allen, richard pryor, bette midler, jonathan katz, frank zappa, jane austen, jean-luc godard, thos. carlyle, calvin trillin, steven wright, wally cox, tom waits, flip wilson, sammy davis jr., james thurber, walt disney, john malkovich, buck henry, john cassavetes, emmet kelly, teri garr, dick van dyke, morey amsterdam, mary tyler moore, jamie foxx, patty duke, spike jones, tim conway, noel coward, andy dick, ray romano, phil donahue, gene rayburn, harry shearer, jimmy buffet, alan king, steve allen, henry miller, oscar levant, tracey ullman, ed asner, fibber mcgee, ru paul, danny devito, lorne michaels, peter cook, kevin nealon, imogene coca, sir william gilbert, meg ryan, dick cavett, larry king, dick smothers, kaye ballard, richard dawson, rené magritte, bjork, harold ramis, marlo thomas, goldie hawn, voltaire, jamie lee curtis, arthur hiller, rodney dangerfield, terry gilliam, harpo marx, christina applegate, rich little, charles schultz, eugene ionesco, jon stewart, randy newman, paul shaffer, howie mandel, gary shandling, peter bergman (firesign theatre), busby berkeley, louisa mae alcott, ben stiller, mandy patinkin, david mamet, abbie hoffman, dick clark, allan sherman, dick shawn, and nero. ok, forget nero. he should probably go with the others in our group, including mao tse tung, josef stalin, and john milton, who perhaps managed to suck as much humor out of the universe as all the others together put into it . . .


We sags possess the uncanny ability to draw attention from others. we flirt a lot and cant stand a lasting relationship.

deepa dhawan

can u tell more about people born on 15th december.
if so please do send me e-mail.

sugatha menon

dec 1st saggi
saggis have an incurable disease...foot in the mouth!


Impossible is for the others to deal with. the target's seen, the pathway's clears, the goal is reached! The knowledge teached, transcendance reached! Nov 24- Trx


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Born the 20 December, son of a car-driver, always on the move!

god bless you all, freedom lovers.

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Sapna Menon

December 10th Saggi, always seeking clarity and the ability to go through with a decision completely, but on the bright side, supremely optimistic and mostly always smiling...:)...

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