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A. Rickey

And the girly stuff, colors and fruit flavors and sugar rims and things are generally not acceptable any time, unless I am on some kind of chick soul-sister you're-better-off-without-him sojourn.

I'm really hoping that doesn't include Old Fashioneds, or I've been drinking girlie drinks all this time...

TPB, Esq.

You could probably get away with a sidecar or Old Fashioned at any time of the year (same goes for a scotch & soda, etc.). I've always thought that White Russians, B&B's, and Irish Coffees were good winter drinks, but I still prefer to either violate the seasonal rule (rules are only necessary if you need them for your enjoyment), or stick to a rule of gin in the summer, Bass after labor day, Guinness when it's below 30 out.

BTW - if you're a gin fan, you need to try Hendrick's. It's the Holy Grail of gin.


gimlets rock! (and that's all i have to say.)

George Wallace

Thanks, Scheherazade, for reminding me of the pleasures of the Gimlet, a drink I used to enjoy frequently but which had somehow dropped from my radar.

I lack trackback capability at the moment -- soon to be corrected by a migration to TypePad -- so I'll use this comment to alert your readers to my own expansion on your post, which I've posted here.


I'm glad you've been introduced to the wonders of the Gimlet.


I personally love vodka gimlets, and I think they are acceptable all year round. I'll have to experiment with the gin version.


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