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r4 carte

A good read! Personally, I did like Dollhouse from the beginning, but I agree that without someone to truly identify with and root for it was harder to really love this show early on than, say, Buffy the series. Not to mention that Whedon shows are at their best when there's a whole cast of more or less likeable characters (I didn't love the first season of Angel either; it needed a spice of Wesley, Gunn, Lorne and Fred added). Without my by now 100% trust in Joss I might have let Dollhouse go, which would have been a real shame. It's been said before, but Whedon shows really belong on cable or public-service television like BBC (or why not Swedish television; there's a thought...). I mean, look at Dexter. A show asking us to root for a serial killer? And after a while, we do...

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