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A. Rickey

Hmm... blogs have some significant advantages. I'm not allergic to them, and I never have to clean up after my blog. So I'm choosing the blog.

Alan Kellogg

The blog of course. I can always set up a new one. Getting a new dog takes some effort, and should the person you're getting the replacement dog from learn you abandoned your last pouch for a blog, he may not be so eager to let you have the beast.

So I'd pass on the blog. Besides, have you ever seen a blog play 'fetch'? (An ugly sight indeed. Dangling participles all over the lawn, split infinitives clogging up the bathtub drain. Irrational statements chasing the postal carrier. I may have to let my blogs go anyway.)


No question, the blog.

My blog, alas, doesn't crawl into my lap and give me a comforting purr when I need it.

Though who knows. Maybe it sleeps around and I just don't know it.


I sincerely hope that this is not a decision you are facing...


I would give up both blogs (personal and En Banc) without blinking; then I would beat the person who seriously proposed the question to me over the head with a baseball bat.

Dave S.

My dog would like it if I gave up my blog, since they both compete for my attention at times.


Greg --

Does this mean I should keep my eyes open for you lurking in dark alleys?


I'd give up the blog. Ask whether the boyfriend or the blog and that's another matter!

Stuart Levine

You gotta be kidding. Have you ever heard of someone referring to a blog as man's best friend? Did St. Bernard say "Love me, love my blog"?

Of course, I may be biased. I've always somewhat regretted choosing law school over veterinary school.


You are on to something. The blog fulfils some therapeutic functions. Dogs warmer and cuter obviously. The blog goes!


I'd never give up my dog. I'm not sure that my blogging makes the world a better place or me any happier, but my dog definitely does both.

CE Petit

Which dog?

Well, the blawg can go. If I gave up either dog, the kids would kill me. And I'm not exaggerating.

TPB, Esq.

I guess I'm the only one that would strongly consider giving up the dog. Of course, my dog barks at the toaster for an hour each morning.


I can't think of much of anything I'd give up my dog for, honestly.


My dog is 13, bad legs, bad hearing, bad breath, bad manners. She was once declared "cute" by a future federal judge as she wagged her tail at him in the middle of our town.

I'd say we'd give up about everything we've got for her, if it comes to that, but I'm afraid it won't.


This is a test, isn't it? And you're supposed to be evil and self-centered if you choose something as narcissistic and devoid of unconditional love as your blog over the poor helpless creature giving you giant puppy-eyes as you type.

I plead the Fifth.


if you ask such question, then you should really give up your dog, because you definetly dont love him enough

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