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TPB, Esq.

I think this sort of difficulty, your inability to find women that are willing to talk about "mark roundings" is reflective of the problem created by a lack of women in a field of law. In family law, we have to have male and female attorneys because a lot of men refuse to have "weak" female attorneys and a lot of women refuse to deal with "overbearing" male attorneys (mind you, I think my female mentors are more pushy and more overbearing than I, and they think I rely too heavily on negotiation and settlement).

I deal with a lot of bankruptcy attorneys down here. I've never noticed that field as male dominated. I noticed that about PI and criminal defense, but not bankruptcy. It might be a regional thing, though.

Richard Ames

The trustee you spoke to sounds like a nut. I’m sorry, but really! We’re talking bankruptcy services here, not gynecology. What on earth could be farther removed from the influences of sex than the world of automatic stays and reaffirmation agreements? If a business woman told me she chose her legal counsel, even partially, based upon gender, I would see her as a rather pathetic individual in apparent need of a sorority sister more than a serious business partner.

The old guard men are getting old, retiring, dying in droves. I don’t see condescending behavior toward women among my male contemporaries anymore than they are likely to be condescending to me or any other man I know. Women in the profession who think they aren’t being “taken seriously” would do well for themselves if they stopped dramatizing “women’s roles” in the law, and simply got on with practicing it.


We-ell, I choose my professionals, including my lawyers, at least partially based upon gender because the choice is not just about my personal comfort level, but also about how well my chosen professionals are going to perform within local society. I'm not a raving feminazi, and neither am I a super-Republican, but simply practical. I'm not going to buck the system to my detriment, because it's rarely just me riding on the outcome.

This is not always to say that I choose women over men, or vice versa, but simply that gender is indeed one of those factors that I consider. I like female gynecologists, and male marital therapists, and female personal therapists, and male litigators and female family lawyers ... yaddi yaddi yaddi ...


What a nice column! I work for a commercial and business litigation firm that deals with consumer issues (including bankruptcy law), and I haven't seen any of the gender issues come up in practice. I do creditor litigation myself, and it hasn't seemed to matter much professionally whether I am a woman or not. I have noticed the social awkwardness, though - BIG time! I've found some exceptions, but for the most part, the wives of the junior equity partners (not so much the associates or the senior partners, but the junior partners) don't know how to talk to us female associates. It's weird - of course, there are men who have nothing to do with the legal profession who have a hard time talking to women lawyers, too, but that's their own insecurities, right? :) Nice writing, though!! Glad I stopped by!!


It has been what centuries since we are getting into discussions over gender and all that. All we conclude in the end does start a new thread yet again. So why discussing such issues in the first place?


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