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Oh, man. All the time, I do this. (And not just Pennsylvania-induced inverted sentence structure.)

When I first got to my current job, one of the things I did was build a new FTP server. The Frankenserver was - is - an agglomeration of recycled bits from around the company. I was quite proud of the salvage job, it allowed me to stop anonymous access to our main server (!!) and it was so stable it ran for over fifteen months without a reboot.

Since then, of course, I've learned dozens of cool things I could apply to the more-efficient building of such a "simple" little tool. Now on my "when I get the time" is rebuilding that server. Same with a few sites I've done since then. I think my supervisor gets a little frustrated when I insist on rebuilding each time with the "improvements" instead of just pouring stuff in to the structure he thinks is just fine.

But when we stop learning stuff, I think, we start dying.

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