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Hey, sounds like the model for Melville's "Bartleby the Scivener." That's what legal work is *supposed* to be like, isn't it?


Um, that should be "Scrivener." I forgot the r. You can read it here. Best short story ever? It's got to be in the running...

r4 ds

Fax is a double edged sword. On the one hand, you have to admit that it remains a lot less clunky than sending a scanned file via email for many people - scan in the document, save it in the correct format, email... Versus, scan, dial, away.

We still get a lot of purchase orders through via fax. It's quicker than snail mail and if they're not going to scan every PO and email it across, so be it, I won't say no to money.

Many people also have a mistrust of electronic bookkeeping. Email it and there's no hard copy, they'll tell you. If a tree hasn't been felled in the process, it didn't happen.

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