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David Giacalone

I wonder how/if humans were able to have any kind of clear thoughts on a complex subject before there were words for the concepts under consideration? I think it was George Will who once wrote "It you can't say it clearly, you can't think it clearly." [makes one worry about certain Commanders In Chief)

Note however, that when there's money to be made, the words are found: (1) paint manufacturers; (2) psychologists; (3) lawyers. Sometimes, of course, the words just muddy things up.


What a great analogy for life. The opposite colors representing birth and death and the rest all of the events that intermingle and create the person that we are at each step. OK, now I feel badly about mocking abstract art. Your description of the process gave me a bit of insight into how an abstraction can represent something more meaningful than the thing itself. I am usually pretty daft when it comes to interpretation. I feel all intellectual now... somebody get me a half-caf skim latte. :)

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