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T P B,  Esq.

Oh, you really don't want to get me started on the whole New Jersey thing. I'm fond of this ragged little State. ;-)

Besides, couldn't you guys do better than numbering towns?


I'm confused by the comment "you guys" and "numbering towns" but if you mean couldn't Maine do better than call its unorganized townships things like TR-613 I will not concede the point. It's kind of fun to drive along some remote road, wonder where you are, and realize you're in TR-613 (or whatever).

This is why it's better you're a runner-up. We'd just bicker.


Is it poor form to declare myself heartbroken in the comments box? Oh well, maybe blog crushes are supposed to go unrequited. *wistful sigh*


The unorganized townships aren't named because three people can't decide on where to have dinner, let alone what to name the township.

I am reminded of the cartoon showing a car driving by a sign reading, "Entering East Gore, ME, Population 23." The next panel showed the car passing a similar sign reading, "Leaving East Gore, ME, Population 22."

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