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Richard Ames

"... it would be funner, and it would feel lighter, to have someone doing this alongside me ..." This sounds a lot like nostalgia or something to me. The reality never really squares with the image. One has to compromise downward on all sorts of otherwise good things to be “alongside” someone else, and the whole togetherness thing can too be quite demoralizing at times. Whatever we have, we seem to want something else, at least some of the time.


That togetherness requires compromise does not change the rewards of doing small things even routine together. More fun, less burdensome has certainly been my experience over many years.


Thanks for sharing. Though I enjoy my own company, music CDs and good books. There are some times when it sure would be nice to do some of the mundane stuff of life with someone else to talk to and listen to.


Preach it, sistahfriend. I couldn't have said it better.

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