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I don't know...If I had a bag full of really yummy goodies and didn't want it eaten by the evil masses, I'd probably mark it in a similar fashion. I suggest you take a look *laughing*...

During a period when I was doing a great deal of HazMat work I had this great "lunch box" that was a clearly marked biohazard container. I *never* lost an item from the often raided 'fridge.


1. Just-opened cup of yogurt with a cockroach in it?

2. Old bottle of Perrier with benzene in it?

3. "Atkins - friendly" food with more than 3 net carbs?

4. Four fried chickens, and a Coke(R)?

Nice blog,



Heh. My boss's wife (who is our firm's bookkeeper) was telling me a story last week about a half-gallon of ice cream that was evidence in a case. It was being kept in our firm's freezer, and a new secretary didn't know what it was. Of course, it was not clearly labeled, and was eaten. The new secretary did not last long.


Hmm...My vote is that it is a slice of cake from the wedding of King Edward and Wallace Simpson, the most romantic Nazi sympathizers of the war. Price? Twenty-five thousand dollars.

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