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Cold water: the VWs, cute as they are, are horribly unreliable. I retract my previous endorsement. Consumer Reports listed them as a "worst bet" for a used car when I was thinking about buying one...

George Wallace

There is a lot of variation among Volkswagens these days. Many of them are built on this side of the Atlantic, mostly in Mexico, and have been known to be iffy investments. I believe the Passat is still being built in Germany, with all the engineering and manufacturing quality that that implies. We recently acquired a 2003 Passat wagon, and it is a fine, purring machine.

George Wallace

I suppose that last comment wasn't really helpful, was it?

David Giacalone

It's been rather clear from my perch in cyberspace that Ms. Scheherazade is going to go with her heart rather than with her brain with regard to her auto purchase. So, just DO IT! Stop torturing yourself (not that you don't enjoy torturing yourself). The only reason not to go with the adprable VW would be if having an unreliable car will be really inconvenient and remorse-inducing on the days it won't get you to work. Otherwise, consider the risk of unreliability merely one additional cost for falling in love with a high-maintenance cutie.

p.s. Are you certain that you like your buns warmed?


My sister has a New Beetle Turbo (1st gen, with the pop-up spoiler). It's a fine machine, IMHO, but the problem is cost of parts, as with all VWs. Those who are prone to get into car accidents should avoid one, because the cost of repair is astronomical.

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