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Sherry, how did you find this particular group of people? Are they co-workers, friends? Did you know all of them prior to the meeting? I think this is a great idea...I personally would find it easier to continue something like that if I was in a group that I had to be accountable to.


Let's see -- the group was a former co-worker of mine, and a woman she now works with, who I also know socially. And a friend of that woman, who I may have met once before but don't really know. A co-worker of Housemate's. An aunt of mine. A woman I went to middle school and high school with, and her boyfriend/friend. And then the two women who sent proxies are friends of one of the women there. So it was kind of a hodgepodge of people, a loosely connected web of friends and acquaintances, with an open invite to pass along to anyone else who might want to do it.

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