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I used to be like that manually typing out every letter of every word. If you'd pressed the 'w' button, the 'h' button and then the 'o' button ignoring what letters came up chances are it would have switched to 'who'. (but phone technology in the uk seems to be miles ahead of the states so i could be telling you the wrong thing!) i taught my parents how to auto-text so i guess it can't be that hard!


I totally appreciate text messaging. My dream is to see my voice mails in text message format but that have not arrived.

There is an "entry method" feature on your phone that you can switch. You can either enter the letters manually by hitting the "numbers" or you can allow the phone to guess what word you are trying to spell by hitting the numbers.

Cell phone spam would definitely be a bust.


I'm sure it's spam because I got the same message yesterday on my cell. With the word "Foxy" in return address.
A real invasion on a Sunday morning.


This is one of the funniest things I have heard. I love it.


The first laugh I've had of this week is attributable to Scheherazade. Thanks!

PS: Tory. ;)


Sherry, You got me laughing so hard with your reply, I nearly fell out of my chair. Thanks. I needed that.


I got that message too. Must be an early wave of SMS spam in the US.


Does anyone know if you/one can track down where text messages came/come from or any specifics such as, time , date, destination and origin. For I have been accused of sending nasty text messages to someone and i don't even know how to text, never did and probably never will.
Please let me know, I am oblivious to the text. Oblivious, wasn't that tune from the Eighties???
Anyway, let me know, any of you whiz's out there this would be of great help in clearing my name. I would really appreciate the info.



How can I track down who sent a text message from what appears to be a phone number and a web site such as [email protected]


my phone is messed up and i need to check my text messages, is there any way to check my text messages on the internet?


hi i keep getting text msgs from number 008000 not sure who it is from how do i track it?? its annoying and now becoming scary

saurell j

mine to need the same thing


Hi, everybodyo


hi everyone, i keep getting really weird messages from this number: 008000. I just want to know if anyone knows about this number or has gotten any messages from that nummber.


HI i also got a couple of messages from +008000. Any one has an idea who is it from??

I think it could be some web based service like yahoo etc from where these mesaaegs are coming.
Some one enlighten me on this :(


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I keep getting text messages on my cheap cell phone, from people or numbers i don't know? Weird messages like,''where you at'' or" do you want to have coffee"?.. All the time.. One even says "are you at the bar right now"? That's just a few, i have ignored the messages for the most part,'' but they keep on coming,''what's the deal,with this unnecessary texting bullshit? From people i don't know? If anyone knows about this, please help!.And thank you very much..

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There is an "entry method" feature on your phone that you can switch

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If anyone knows about this, please help!.And thank you very much..

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