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suggestions for the prize or the site?

prize: solely the pleasure of typing in "www.scheherazade.org".

blog tool: movable type. easy directions, etc.
host: wwww.dreamhost.com. Can't recommend them enough. :-)


Typepad has a Help section on its site on "Domain Mapping" which should be what you need. And there's also some stuff on the Everything Typepad site about domain mapping.


You should be able to ask the folks with whom you register scherazade.org to direct it to civpro.blogs.com. Should just take a quick e-mail, nothing more.

I'd second Katherine's recommendation of Dreamhost, if you want to host it yourself. They're really fantastic. (MT installation can be a bit of work, but Six Apart'll do it for $40.)


See here: http://www.typepad.com/resources/2004/03/domain_faq.html

A. Rickey

I'd probably do the domain mapping thing.

But if not, you can throw me a bit of money and I could add you to my hosting. :)

Prof. Bainbridge

TypePad makes domain mapping really easy. Check the link from Andrew. If I could figure out how to do it, anybody can! Steve


I had not idea so many others here were on Dreamhost. After the chaos of Monday, though, I'm not sure I'd recommend them.

MT installation is simple (at least, it was for me) and I would offer some additional plug-ins as well (Markdown, MT-Blacklist, etc.)

Anyway, for the simplest-route requested, I'm with Andrew, Jim, and the good Professor: upgrade your TypePad and point the domain at this existing blog. Spares the trouble of moving all the legacy entries, and keeps Six Apart in business.


So, I think you should set up a subdomain like stayofexecution.scheherazade.org and map that to your typepad blog.

Then you can keep your domain free for selling H.O.T-shirts and Icons CDs.


Hi S. I use godaddy.com. They are very inexpensive and have outstanding service and support. I host three sites there (one personal and 2 business) and I park several domains there (for free)(and this is very nice as I use the domains for email purposes only). Come over, bring your laptop (do you have a wireless card?) and we can get you all set up over some good wine (and crabcakes if I'm feeling inspired).

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