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The exemption statutes can be very interesting and either outdated or merely unfriendly to the debtor. For example, in NY, the homestead exemption is a princely $10k. A debtor in bankruptcy can exempt a car of up to $2400. And a debtor can exempt a $35 watch. Very generous.

Richard Ames

In Pennsylvania there is NO homestead exemption, none, nadda. But you do get to keep your bible so you can worship Christ on the streets. Oh, and we have a whopping $300 wildcard exemption you can apply to anything, and I mean like, ANYTHING! That's a really cool provision, I think.

As you can imagine, we all opt for the federal exemptions here.

David Giacalone

Hey, you can also keep one radio (no tv) in New York, and $200 worth of work tools. No federal option is allowed.


In Maryland, no Homestead exemption, a $5,500 Wildcard and no ability to opt for the Federal package... but you get to keep your burial plot or crypt.

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