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I'm no techy, but you could try:

1. Use a different browser. Mozilla Firefox highly recommended.
2. Try hitting "reload" while holding down the shift key. This should force the browser to ignore its cached files and go download everything anew.
3. Clear all caches from your browser (under the "internet options" menu, I think; I haven't used a windows browser for a while).

As you might have guessed from my suggestions, I'm guessing you're being affected by a caching issue, but like I said, I'm just guessing. If these suggestions don't help, I hope you'll hear from someone who can do more than just guess...


The same thing happened to me yesterday for about two hours in the morning; stretching back for the past two weeks, typepad-powered sites have been behaving terribly. You've probably read the messages from the typepad folks explaining the problems and what they are doing to fix them. I think typepad is great, but I hope they get the growing pains worked out. (By the way, the typepad help desk is very good about responding within 24 hours to open tickets.)


I had the same problem today, and yesterday morning, but everything is working now. I agree with Evan. TypePad is experiencing growing pains, but they are trying hard to work through them.

TPB, Esq.

I had the same problem yesterday. I contacted one of the people who works on this issue for Type Pad, and she claims that they were only having server issues for 10-30 minutes. I don't think that the issues were that quick to be resolved. Seeing as I can read this now, as I have my morning coffee, I think the problem was fixed some time last night.

A. Rickey

I'm going with Ambimb on this one. (Note that down for the record.) It's probably a caching issue. Go to Tools->Options, and click the 'delete files' button, and it should be fine.

Typepad seems to have implemented a few newer MoveableType features, and you may have the old ones kicking about your cache.

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