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Hmmm, I was reading something apropos just this very morning. Let me see if it's online... yes.

"How many hours have we all spent trying to come up with names for the music we love? Shhh. If you want to hear it, listen."

(Source available on request.)


I concur. I couldn't care less about the categorization of your site. All I know is that it's well-written, entertaining, and (whether you like it or not) informative.

Keep up the good work.


Hmmm; the law office does give you access to the heights of Portland, where chimneys can look like people about to jump. I guess that's one reason it's good it's a blawg.


I agree with Dave. Your observations are made through the eyes of a lawyer (even if the observations are not about the law itself) and that makes your site, I think, especially interesting to lawyers.


Good post title, but I'm still going to do "Blawg As Dog," which I believe is still available for posting ("Blog or Dog," "Blog As Dog" and "Blog or Blawg" having been taken).

If a dog, your site would be in the "winning show dog" category. But let's switch metaphors. As you know, I practice in Madison County, Illinois, which is across the river from St. Louis. According to a recent issue of the New Yorker, St. Louis is now the rap capital of the world. Remember Nelly? He was from St. Louis, and he had a number of "cross-over hits." You, Scheherazade, are a cross-over hit. Blawg or blog, it doesn't matter. Fans of both enjoy your site.


For me, this "plain old blog" reenforces the crazy idea that I can enter the legal profession and be a generally content, well-rounded person. Many lawyers (and law students) don't leave one with that impression...

That and everything people said about fun and well-written!


I read this, and other blogs/awgs to better understand what it is to be someone with a law degree.

I could learn about it myself in three years after I graduate with one, but this seems easier (for the moment.)



I like the description as an incredibly engaging journal of daily living. But it is more than that. It is the journal of a young lawyer relating some of the human issues in getting established in her career. It is also an insight of the world as early career, women professionals see it.

So for me the law connection is very relevant, but it certainly is not a law blog a la Lawrence Solum's Legal Theory blog which I also read avidly.

Ann M. Byrne

Gosh, all I wanted to do was recognize what a great job I think you're doing!

I'm not crazy about the word "blog." I think it sounds like something you'd do in private. I am even less crazy about the word "blawg" because I think it sounds even more like something you'd do in private because you don't want anyone to know you're doing it! I was just trying to clue my poor clients into some of the lingo.

Actually, I don't really think it matters whether you have a blog or a blawg. Just keep doing your thing. It's a read I look forward to every day.


I dislike the word "blog" too. It sounds like a nasty belch.

In this case, I think we should just refer to Stay as a bl*g. (For a more restrictive PCRE, there's the alternate "bl[aw|o]g".)

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