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My grandfather (who would be 103 years old if he were still alive) used to belong to a Martini Club. The members (all very elderly men) would get together to drink while wearing ties with little martinis on them.

They would definitely have relished the idea of martini pants!


Great pictures! Looks like a good time was had.


H.O.T. pants indeed! :)


Wait a minute! Martinis!? Where's the damn Tonicin that?


hm. whodathunk someone named Scheherazade would be blond.


Wanna start a law firm? Me: patent attorney who opted out of the rat race.

Macy Anne

You are way too intelligent and in touch with life to be beguiled by any propaganda put out by Walt Hutchens on his Pet-Law List. I am an active Peta member, and I OWN 4 dogs..and would not want to live in a world where we could not have dogs as companions. Look deeper into his agenda! Look at the people who support him..Google his name! Beware! Best wishes and be safe!


Great pictures! But only two. Saturday Night is every week.


You are an amazing person. I dance in the bright light of your life.


fuckin hell wake up!! it's a sugar coated world, baby will probably be doin drugs and pregnant at 14, while mother drinks liquor all day.

reality hits home

arrogant bastards,why not give some money away to the third world fuckin martini club hope the old bastard rots in hell..

curse you bastards

martini pants hang the bastards, arrogant selfish mother fuckers,i curse you your kids your bloodline.................arrogant whores


law firm???? money grabbin fuckers


i dance on the grave of your dead granfather not your fuckin bright lights dum fuckin bitch


did you tell everyone how your older brother was convicted for sellin dope????????????


sad sad girl, i hope grandfather died a long and painful death evil old bastard


sad sad girl, i hope grandfather died a long and painful death evil old bastard

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