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David Giacalone

This afternoon, my dentist's secretary wanted to know how 1:30 PM, Friday, Nov. 5th, would be for my next cleaning appointment. I told her I was keeping that day open for lunch with Scheherazade, and certainly wouldn't be back from Maine that early.

I understand your reluctance to make long-range schedule commitments (I'm always complaining that CFS won't let me make plans more than a couple days in advance; sometimes, a couple hours). For imaginary lunch with Sherry, however, I only need a couple minutes advance notice. So give me a holler, if you get a last-minute opening.


Wow, what a fun idea! An Imaginary lunch date...I love it. Do you mind if I join you for Chinese? It sounds lovely. When do you take your lunch? I'll mark it in my calendar to ensure I don't miss the Imaginary timeframe. :)

I enjoyed your blog...I'll be back.


Rest assured that if I know Sherry is going to be traveling in my part of the country (which I will, as a loyal reader of her blog), I won't miss the chance for that lunch. :)


If you are ever imaginarily over here in Idaho, let me know and we'll grab some "finger steaks" and fries.

Slithery D

Oops, I just found this. I could certainly use an (iced) coffee and some pleasant company. Plus, I'll bet it's not 85 with 100% humidity in Maine.

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