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That does sound unnatural, but don't blame you if you want to be the same tone all around. Wonder if a bronzer might work? Only problem with that is, I found by using one once, it gets all over.... Sheila


Maybe you should try a Mystic Spray Tanning booth I think that's what Paris Hilton uses and I think her tan has turned out well. :)


tan in a can is the way to go. it doesn't give you cancer, and lasts for about two weeks. ask the attendant at a beauty counter in a nice store.

also, why not wear tank tops when you're sailing?

although tanning can be good if you burn easily and want a base-type tan so you won't burn when you take a vacation. but it seems like you have that already, from the sailing.


Tanning in a booth can give you cancer. They are even talking about making it illegal for under a certain age without parental consent. It is worse than the real sun. I understand the wish for color, and I find the sun theraputic, heavenly, healing... but the bronzer is the way to go. My daughters have done the spray on for prom and such, and it is not too unnatural. Slather on the SPF 30, minimum and enjoy your time outdoors and know that while you are a bit more pale than you would like right now, you will be happy you did not tan more when you are 45 and up... believe me, I know. Really.

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