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John P.

Thanks for sharing this with us. What an interesting man! I'm sure you miss him terribly.

May I recommend "Our Kind of People," by Jonathan Yardley (book critic for the Washington Post)? The book is a family memoir of the type that it seems you have the materials to write. (It's out of print, but tons of used copies are available on Amazon.)

BTW, reading that your grandfather was born only 2-3 years before my (late) father makes me feel really old!


Sorry to hear the news of your grandfather's death. From what you've said about him, he seemed to be a happy and charming man. My condolences.


Sorry to hear it Sherry. Thinking of you. tp



I'm sorry for your loss, which occurred on the same day as my loss. We both lost some incredibly good people on that sad day.


Sherry, I've been following your past week from afar and offer my condolences. Knowing you, it's not surprising that your grandfather's circle of friends and loved ones spread so broadly, and so deep. You have inherited that talent, and so many people around you are the better for it (including a certain groom-to-be).

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