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Bob C

O.K., here's what I want to know. What is it (in particular) about your job that prompted you give notice? I'm a fairly consistent reader and I don't feel like I have a good understanding of this situation. I can understand not wanting to post unflattering info about your firm, but I suspect that your particular firm is not the reason you're leaving. The Big Guy seems like an o.k. boss, and you seem to like bankruptcy law, so what is it? You don't want to be a lawyer? You don't get enough job satisfaction? I also respect your right to keep these types of feelings to yourself . . . but I think that answering this question is the first set to deciding what job is best for you. Who knows, maybe it's not the job at all . . .you just may need a bigger boat!

Jim M.

Happiness is like a cat. Chase it and it runs away. Sit and quietly pursue your interests and it will curl up at your feet.

To figure out what will make you "happy" you'll need to have a talk with yourself. I doubt you'll find it talking to anyone else. The outcome of what you're attempting has been previously blogged? by others a long time ago.

"And I set my mind to seek and explore by wisdom concerning all that has been done under heaven. {It} is a grievous task {which} God has given to the sons of men to be afflicted with.  I have seen all the works which have been done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and striving after wind."

Billy Goat Gruff

Nice to see you haven't changed a bit since high school................

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