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Sounds like wonderful parties! In your "about me" you self-describe yourself as an extrovert and from your writing can definitely believe it!

I'm an introvert and given the choice of attending a party and hosting a party, I like hosting them. Nice thing about hosting is that I can chat people up but when I need an introvert break, I can slip into the kitchen to work on some food item.

Totally relate to your pleasure in providing an environment for people to be together.

All the best in the road ahead. Its scary but that's normal and OKAY. You've got a good head on your shoulders and a good heart!

I find commenting on blogs irresistible. It is part of the fun of reading a blog (in addition to the quality of the writing and the ideas, and the frequency of the daily updates!) Even if I don't comment, I know I could easily do so; that makes it exciting.

I read a couple of middle eastern blogs in addition to this one. Who would have thought when we were growing up how easy it would become to engage in a quick exchange of ideas with ordinary people half the world away!


My own blog generates few comments, but I love it when someone offers me a bit of feedback or provides a counterpoint to my attempted point. Sometimes, when I've written about something tough (like my vision loss), I feel pretty vulnerable, so getting even brief comments like "yeah, me too" or "hang in there" or whatever makes me feel a little less awkward about putting so much of myself out there. And commenting on others' blogs is so much fun! Particularly among the law bloggers, the comments seem to create a delightful sense of community and camaraderie.




Yeah, word, to both Sherry's and Mad's comments.


As an added perk, it gives those of us who have not made the leap into blogdom an opportunity to add our input.


i was once told that the last step of communication is feedback. basically the idea was that your message isn't fully conveyed unless you have confirmation that someone recieved it. so comments are almost essential for that. but both will and jeremy get feedback in other ways - readers apparently email jeremy, and will gets tons of TrackBacks. so i guess they can do whatever makes them happy.

but yeah, like the writer above, i can't resist commenting. maybe that's part of extroversion, who knows.

and comments make each post the start of a conversation, not, like you said, a lecture. it's much less egotistical.

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